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Washed, Cheviot Wool - 4oz bags

Washed, Cheviot Wool - 4oz bags

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Fresh and Fluffy, Cheviot wool.. washed by hand in small batches. Even though this fleece was not coated while on the hoof, it has very little vm (none of those tiny bits that refuse to come out, only a few bits of hay that are easy to pick out).. no cotted tips or felting, and is nicely squishy!

Sold in 4oz bags.

Cheviot is a medium soft wool, with great loft. It would be perfect for use in socks, mittens and hats.. as the loftiness traps air and makes it very warm.

It also takes dye very well!

While not quite soft enough for some to wear next to their skin others might disagree. It's hard wearing and doesn't felt as easily as some finer wools. 

This wool was locally sourced, from a small farm that practices ethical sheep management. 

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