Fiber Art Supplies, Handmade by Fiber Artists!

Natural Fibers are Our Passion!

When it comes to quality, nothing beats natural wool. We've made it our mission to provide the best quality, natural wool products for your crafting needs. Always Ethically sourced, from local small farms.

  • Ethical Wool

    Our wool is sourced from Domestic (USA) wool producers and small farms. We only support wool producers that raise their animals in eithical and sustainable ways!

  • Natural Wool

    Natural Wool is such a wonderful material there is no need to alter it in any way. There's a perfect wool type for every need. We're here to help you find your match!

  • Creating by Hand

    By creating our wool and fiber products in small batches, by hand, we can ussure that we are offering the best quality supplies for Your hand crafts!

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